Rapidgator Premium Account: File Storage and Sharing Made Easy

File storing has been made a whole lot easier through the advancement of technology nowadays. You can do it with just a click on the internet and access it anytime and anywhere even without the use of USB flash drives or hard drives! How? Subscribe to a file hosting plan! File hosting services provide you a platform wherein you can store a large number of your files, data, and documents online with spaces for as much as terabytes to unlimited! File hosters also provide you large bandwidth to allow the rapid transfer, upload, and download of files. This is a smart choice for you to sign up to especially if you have a business, work or even personal reasons wherein you need to utilize file storing and sharing. With the many file hosters available, it is important to subscribe to the one that will give the most benefits. One of those largest file hosting providers is Rapidgator that has been up for almost 10 years. See for yourself if this file hoster is for you and decide whether to join.

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Rapidgator: Overview

Rapidgator is one of the largest file hosting providers with almost 10 years of service in the file hosting industry. It started in 2010 and the company headquarter is located in Cyprus. Fast forward to 2020, it has grown its business to around 70 million of users worldwide and has proven its excellency with many satisfied customers. Rapidgator offers a large amount of bandwidth and storage space for as much as 3 TB up and provides fast download speeds to both uploads and downloads for your files. Aside from these main features, it has a lot more to offer for you!

Highlights of Rapidgator Services

  • Easy to use platform. Rapidgator is a user-friendly system wherein you can use all its services without any hassle. It is very much simple and easy to understand.
  • Super-fast download speed. It provides fast file upload and downloads with an estimated time of as fast as 2 seconds for a 50 MB file. Plus, no delays!
  • Large file size upload per download. You can upload for as much as 5000 MB (5 GB) of file size in every download.
  • Budget-friendly premium accounts. Even if you are just a student, you can afford to buy a hosting plan because its prices only range from $14.99 for 30 days to up to $99.99 for a year.
  • Offers affiliate programs. Rapidgator provides a membership program where users can also start earning!
  • A mobile application is available. You may use the application via mobile that is Android supported because the application is downloadable from Google Play Store.
  • Safe and protected system. Rapidgator is highly secured and ensures the protection of user’s files and data. Database servers are established with firewalls to prevent hackers to access user files via the internet. Private information is safeguarded by a 256-bit encryption.
  • Always available support system. Customer service accommodates the concerns of every user. You may contact them directly via the page, through email, or phone. They are available every day from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Supports remote upload. You may download files from other partnered file hosters and save it to your account.
  • Satisfied Customer Reviews. Throughout the years, many users have testified their satisfaction and approval of the excellency Rapidgator’s services.

How to Register an Account

Signing up an account in Rapidgator is very easy and fast. You just have to provide general details such as name and email address, then you have to input a username and password for your account. Once done, you can either use it as a free account (but this will only give you a very limited service) or subscribe to a premium account and get the most out of Rapidgator services. There are various payment methods on which you can use to avail of the premium account. You can either pay through Webmoney, Mastercard, Visa, Paysafecard or choose to do an instant bank transfer or direct debiting. Once done with the payment, your account is automatically activated and you can immediately start using it.

Rapidgator Premium Account Subscription

Availing a Rapidgator premium account gives you the opportunity to utilize the services of the hosting provider at its maximum. Prices of the hosting plan subscription will depend on the duration you want to use it and on the storage spaces that you want to avail of.

$14.991 Terabyte (TB)3 TB30 days
$29.992 TB3 TB2 months
$39.993 TB4 TB3 months
$69.993 TB6 TB6 months
$99.9910 TB12 TB1 year

Additional Benefits with Premium Account

  • Unlimited download speed. Plus is very fast for both download and upload.
  • No download restriction.
  • Simultaneous downloads are unlimited.
  • A direct download link is available.
  • Download automatically starts. No delay.
  • The resume download option is available.
  • You may choose to have download managers.
  • The estimated download time of a 50 MB file is 2 seconds.
  • No pop-up advertisements and captcha codes input.
  • The deletion of data is only after 60 days.
  • 5 GB maximum download per file.

Rapidgator Free Account

If you are on the edge of deciding whether to avail of a premium account and want to try it first, you can still do so through a free account, however, there are lots of restrictions and limits with it. These are the following:

  • Limited download speed
  • Only 1 maximum number of concurrent downloads
  • Download restriction is 1 file per 2 hours
  • No available direct download link
  • There is a delay in download
  • Fast and resume-able downloads are not available
  • No download manager
  • Approximate download time is around 6 minutes per 50 MB
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Disclaimer: There is a lot that you can miss with just a free account, this is why it is advised that you avail a premium account to maximize your file hosting service and so you can efficiently enjoy and make use of all the services Rapidgator has to offer. Rest assured that your money will be worth your experience!

Uploading Methods

You may choose on the following options on how to upload your file:

  1. Upload files directly through the browser page.
  2. Drag and drop system.
  3. Use the file selection box for multiple uploads by marking the files and clicking the “Upload” icon.
  4. Upload via FTP browser that is encrypted with your own password. You may also choose to use a free FTP client that can be attained in FileZilla.
    Note: Maximum size per file upload is 5 GB. 

Supported Remote Upload

You can back up 200 files altogether in a remote upload. Here are the following partnered file hosters that allow download of your collected files from them and be transferred to your Rapidgator account:

  • 1Fichier
  • Datafile
  • Depfile
  • DepositFile
  • FileFactory
  • Fileparadox
  • Filejoker
  • Filepost
  • Freakshare
  • Gigapeta
  • Hitfile
  • Keep2Share
  • Oboom
  • Sendspace
  • Turbobit
  • Uploadable
  • Uploaded
  • Upstore
  • Uptobox

File Manager

Rapidgator has its own file manager and provides a transparent user interface that will allow you to have maximum control over managing your files. This eases the handling of large uploaded files in the system. It gives you the right to create your own folders so you can easily and efficiently organize your files especially the large ones. Each of your files is detailed with a name (which you can choose to rename) and displayed with the file size and upload date. You can also find your files easily through the search function. Drag and drop function is also available so you can upload your files by simply dragging the file from your computer to the browser upload page.

File Sharing

To share a file, you first have to upload it to your account. Uploading a file can be done in two options depending on the file size. If you will upload a small size, you can just simply do it in the platform’s file manager. However, if a multiple and a large file size is to be uploaded, it is recommended that you upload a file through the FTP server because this provides a greater speed upload. Once the file is uploaded, you just have to get or copy the shareable link and send it to other users you permit to give access to your files.

FAQs about Rapidgator

Here are commonly asked questions about Rapidgator:

How do I get a premium account?

You can simply avail of the premium account through Rapidgator’s web page. You just have to choose the hosting plan you wish to have and proceed with the payment options available. Once done, you can instantly use your premium account.

Can my files be shared?

Yes, you can definitely share your files with other users once you give them a shareable link to your file. The link that you share will stand as your permission that others can access your files.

Will my files be secured?

Definitely! Rapidgator has strict implementations of its security protocols. Your files cannot be accessed by others unless you give them a shareable link to your file. Additionally, Rapidgator’s system is established with multiple firewalls that prevent any unauthorized users from accessing the site.

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